Enter the World of Mabby


Mabby is a sidescrolling action/puzzle-platformer that draws influence from games such as Mega Man, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, and Yoshi's Island. Core gameplay revolves around the player running, jumping, and shooting their way through stages while battling enemies and solving puzzles along the way. Additionally, collectible items can be found hidden throughout these stages that can alter the player's weapons and stats, as well as unlock bonus content and cosmetics.


Purely as a display of power, a group of scientists in the Box Kingdom successfully create a super-weapon in the form of an artificial being called "Mathus". When Mathus begins to grow hungry for more power, these same scientists must come up with a plan to contain Mathus, and ultimately destroy her. Taking care not to repeat their mistake, the scientists decide to build a smaller weaponsomething with a lot of potential power, but power that could be contained more easily. Their work eventually culminates in the form of a little girl named "Mabby".

The events of this game follow the story of Mabby as she begins her training to defeat Mathus.



Mabby is the debut project of the indie-developer "JoyPloy"—a company owned and operated entirely by "AySquirrel" (myself).  My friends and family have all been extremely supportive in both boosting morale and in helping with playtesting, but all aspects of production (programming, level design, character and enemy design, animation, dialogue, music, sound effects, etc.) were done solely by me. The game engine being used is Construct 3 (vanilla).


So with all that out of the way... Hi! I'm AySquirrel :) I come from a heavily artistic background, and am working to combine that knowledge with my passion for gaming to make a career out of doing what I love.

I hope you all enjoy my creations!!




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